Backpack with Expandable Capacity VS Backpack with Fixed Capacity

Backpack with expandable capacity or backpack with fixed capacity? Which one should you choose?

If you are an active person that enjoys outside adventures, such as camping, hiking, afternoons at the beach, traveling light, or just enjoy working out at the gym-- you’re definitely going to need a backpack with the right capacity to carry all your essentials. You can either choose one of those bulky backpacks, or you can choose a convenient backpack with expandable storage.

Backpacks with Fixed Capacity

Backpacks that don’t expand are good enough if you have a specific activity in mind. For example, if you are going out for a hike, you can bring all your essentials in a small to medium-sized day pack. However, you’re going to need a different backpack for longer trips-- which is kind of a hassle at times.

Backpacks with Expandable Capacity

If you choose an expandable backpack, you can fit all the gear you need and more. Plus, these backpacks are pretty compact if you don’t need the extra space-- making them a versatile choice for any type of trip.


Roll top backpacks make excellent choices, because instead of expanding the thickness, it expands in height--making them easier to carry.


Some expandable backpacks use zippers to expand the thickness instead of the height, which makes good choices for going on week-long trips or when traveling light to an international destination.


However, DRiiBE came up with an innovative type of backpack with an expandable bottom flap. It is a patented design that looks very promising and more versatile for any type of trip.


Why is an expandable backpack better?

To sum it up, there are just so many advantages to using an expandable backpack for any trip or activity as opposed to using a backpack with fixed storage capacity.

Here are some of them:
• You can travel internationally and come home with enough space for souvenirs;
• You can pack for week-long trips and still travel light;
• It is the only backpack you’ll ever need for most of your trips;
• They remain compact when you don’t need the extra space.


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